Installing Obsidian Notes

The main software that we would be using here is Obsidian which can be downloaded here.

Install the software as soon as the download was finished, and from there, you can create a new vault and start making notes, make sure to name your vault and pick a place to put your vault to keep things organized.

Noticing that there is an option to place your vault. We can use cloud storage to give people access to the same vault anywhere by setting up a cloud drive.

Setting up a Cloud Drive

Once Obsidian was done, we can leave it, for now, to set up some things that we need to use Obsidian efficiently. One of the good ways to use obsidian notes is to have cloud storage available to everyone, so the notes would be accessible by the group or specific individuals you need to access it.

For this documentation, pCloud will be the software that would be used for cloud storage. pCloud can be downloaded here. After downloading the installer, proceed to install the software and launch it after installing. At this point, proceed to login into your pCloud account (you can create one if you don’t have an account yet).

Once having a pCloud account, you will have cloud storage that will serve as a medium to place our obsidian notes to share with others. After installing pCloud and having an account, there should be a new drive that would be available on your computer’s files, typically named “pCloud Drive (P:)

From there, you would have your cloud storage. pCloud has some features that allow you to share the folder with your friends, request files, etc., which would be great for collaborations.

Collaborating Obsidian Notes

Having the cloud storage prepared before, in this section, I would discuss how to share your Obsidian notes for collaboration with other people. Starting from the Obsidian Notes, create a new vault, name it on your preference, and then place the vault inside the cloud drive as its location.

Now you have your vault set inside the cloud drive. To share your vault with other people, share your cloud storage from your file explorer. Right-click on the folder that you want to share, hover to the share, click on Invite people, enter the person’s email address that you want to invite, and send the invitation.

Receiving Invitation POV:

To accept an invitation from pCloud, open the pCloud software, hover to the shares; from there, you can view all the invitations people sent you.

As Default, it would show named as “Shared” from the cloud drive. All shared folders would be located there.

And to access their notes, from the Obsidian software, you just have to open the vault on the location where they have it. In this case, their notes was located on Inventive Horizons Notes>Daily Notes

There you have it, you can collaborate notes as long as everyone saves it on the same folder on the cloud storage.